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The Rotary Club of Mental Health Advocates actively strive to generate awareness in our clubs and our members by providing educational sessions and training with leading experts in the areas of Mental Health & SUD (Substance Use Disorder).

Members work with Rotary clubs and organizations to engage with their communities and local
agencies in order to enhance prevention and treatment measures as we strive to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders, educate, and help provide a road map to a Stigma-Free environment.
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Rotary President-Elect Gordon McInally said, Rotary members should offer hope to those affected by mental health challenges — a crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have lost family members, many more have found their social networks uprooted, and young people especially have had their educational and developmental paths interrupted. As a result, more people around the world are facing mental health issues. And yet, seeking assistance is often perceived as a sign of weakness.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," McInally said. "Reaching out for help is courageous — and continuing on a path toward wellness is even more so."

He added that Rotary will work to improve mental health services in the next year and beyond. Rotary should be known as an organization that takes care of its members as well as the people it serves, McInally said. "Any mental health professional will tell you that by helping others, we essentially help ourselves."

McInally ended his speech by describing his ideal balance of continuity and innovation. "Rotary helps create the conditions for peace, opportunity, and a future worth living," he said. "By continuing what we do best, by remaining open and willing to change, and by keeping our focus on building peace in the world and within ourselves, Rotary helps create a more peaceful world — a more hopeful world."

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